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Concrete flooring can look bland and dull. Years of use and abuse can also take its toll on your flooring. Aaron’s painting offers high quality coatings from ecofriendly, water based coatings to coatings designed to resist the harshest chemicals along with the wear and tear of heavy traffic.

Choose your coating color for a uniform sleek look or add in flakes for that extra wow when entertaining guests. Preparation for a concrete floor is critical and Aaron’s painting is here to ensure your floor is coated correctly the first time, every time. Aaron’s professional team is experienced in coating surfaces such as garage floors to large commercial spaces.

Do you have places to be or things to do around your home? Aaron’s crew can save you time by moving your personal items out of your garage and redirecting traffic from the coated area. Remember, it is important to stay off the surface for at least 24 hours for proper curing!

  • How toxic are the floor coatings your company uses?
  • We can use a range of products from water based epoxies, to products meant to endure the most harsh commercial conditions.

  • Do I need to plan for my family to be away for this project?
  • Family and pets should stay clear from the area serviced for 24 hours.

  • Is the coating toxic to pets?
  • The coating takes time to cure, a minimum of 24 hours depending on the coating. After cure time the area is now non-toxic to pets.

  • Do I need to remove items in my garage before the crew gets there to coat?
  • We are glad to move items for you. Please provide our crew with instructions on where you would like your personal items relocated. Arrangements must be requested and discussed at the time of the quote.

  • How bad does it smell when you do coat a surface?
  • Water based epoxies have almost no smell. The smell from upgraded coatings is not plesant. A trip to the neighbors or the park would be a breath of fresh air. Please remain away from the coated area for 24 hours.

  • How long do you have to stay off the floor before foot traffic commences?
  • This varies with the coating but on average 24 hours.

  • Will you keep the products at my location or do you take them with you when you leave?
  • Extra product for floor coatings are removed from the site.

  • What type of sealer do you use?
  • There a multiple options of sealers to choose from. The sealant chosen depends on the surface coated.

  • Any deposit required?
  • No deposit is required.

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